Concurrent Engineering is best done Set-Based

Since the 1990's, concurrent engineering has played an important role in early design work of larger organizations.  However, the power of concurrent engineering is tremendously limited by point-based development.  Because development work is done on a point design, the engineers need the decisions to be made as early as possible.  And to support that, the specifications and even the customer requirements need to be nailed down as early as possible.  However, all of those point decisions are being made without adequate knowledge to make them correctly.  And then all the following concurrent engineering work is being done on the assumption they were made correctly and won't be changing... even though everybody knows that some of them will almost surely have to change.


As systems become more complex, hierarchically decomposed into subsystems, assemblies, sub-assemblies, and parts, which may themselves be systems, the level of "educated guessing" escalates, and the likelihood of the highly dependent network of decisions unraveling repeatedly becomes tremendous.

There is an alternative:  Set-Based Concurrent Engineering.  The Success Assured™ Methodology enables concurrent learning (in the form of Set-Based Knowledge) prior to those decisions being made, as those decisions can be made progressively by slowly narrowing the sets under consideration based on the learning on both sides:  learning about the fundamental limits and the trade-offs that must be made between the various customer interests AND the learning about the customers and how they would prefer that you made those trade-off decisions.


Thus, rather than a long series of dependent point-decisions, the set-based decisions are all converged together... concurrently... such that the final specifications... even the final customer requirements... emerge at the end of the learning process... just prior to beginning detailed design (just prior to CAD or similar back end development tools that need to be point-based).

To enable such collaboration and concurrent engineering to proceed set-based, the engineers need set-based tools designed for use in the early learning phases of the project... tell me more

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