Design for X (DFSS, DFM, DFR, DFX, etc.)

Under "DFSS", "DFM", and other "Design for X" labels are a variety of great design tools and practices.  However, unless the results of those analyses change your decision-making accordingly, they are of minimal value.  Unfortunately, the knowledge generated is often not adequately communicated to and combined with the knowledge of others.  And far worse, the reuse of that knowledge to make similar decisions in the future is often non-existent.

Why?  The fault for that doesn't really lie with the analysts... or any of the people involved.  The fault is the decision-making system that is in place isn't really based on knowledge... it is based on human intuition which can be affected (temporarily) by the knowledge generated by the analyses.  In heated meetings arguing mostly opinions and intuition, the impact of the analyses done can be compromised or even entirely disregarded.

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We need to change the decision-making methodology in place to one that is inherently based on visual knowledge that people can see, understand, and validate as correct.  That visual knowledge can then become a tool for consensus decision-making, both now and forevermore.

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So, at the end of any decision-making effort (including both design and problem-solving efforts), the methodology for making the decisions has been visually captured in a tool form such that it can be evaluated for effectiveness and made the new best practice for that organization, such that the next time such decision(s) need to be made, the easiest way to make those decisions is to use those tools (that establish the best practices in a visual, easily validated form).

To enable that, our Success Assured™ software makes it easy to:

  • MaterialKBCollaboratively document the problem being solved or the decisions being made using a variety of visual models
  • Visually capture deep root cause analyses and identify the knowledge gaps
  • Coordinate the closing of those knowledge gaps by various means (including use of DFSS, DFM, DFX practices)
  • Combine the knowledge of different analyses and different experts together in such a way that you can see the impacts of each decision on all other decisions, and on the key customer and business interests
  • Identify the required timing of different decisions, formulating Integrating Events where those decisions are to be finalized
  • Build Integrating Reviews to pull the analyses and knowledge gap closure required to make those decisions based on knowledge
  • Do all of the above in the face of real-world complexity

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