Watch what Dr. Allen Ward had to say...

Al and Henry

Thanks to Allen's son Henry, we have been able to edit together a collection of videos that Allen was producing prior to his death.  These represent his latest thinking... the thinking that was the basis for our thinking.  This video gives you a direct look at the shoulders upon which we now stand.

A few historical notes:  (1)  we believe Allen produced all this content in 2003 and 2004; (2) his thinking was way ahead of his time; (3) since then, a lot of work has been done to make some of the things that Allen says were hard much easier and much more systematic, such that his call for action despite the difficulty is now even more compelling (much of the difficulty is gone).

On the videos below, press play once and then wait 15-60 seconds or so for it to load up, depending on your browser and the speed of your internet connection.  IE9 is particularly slow at starting up and it gives no indicator while its buffering... haven't figured out how to make it behave better.

Low-Res version (for those without high-speed internet):

Medium-Res version (for those with a smaller screen like an iPhone):

High-Res version (for those with high-speed internet and large screen):

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