Game-Changing Innovation

Success Assured™ software includes sophisticated ideation tools covering a broad range of creativity techniques designed to help your experts with “out of the box” thinking.  Simply asking people to “think outside the box” and to cooperatively brainstorm is rarely adequate.  When you are “in the box”, it is hard to simply choose to not be in that box.  Rather, Success Assured™ ideation tools help your experts see "the box they are in" such that they can clearly define "boxes they are not in" such that they can actively move their thinking there, and then address the problem at hand from that new perspective.  There are dozens of such techniques in use around the globe that have been integrated into the Success Assured™ ideation tools, that are themselves integrated into the larger K-Brief and Knowledge Reuse tools.

But as sophisticated as those ideation tools are, they alone won’t deliver game-changing innovation.  Ideas only result in innovation if they are well-connected to the limits on your designs, and have a path to impact your decision-making.

It is often said that "necessity is the mother of invention".  Or that  "adversity is...".  It is also known that invention happens in the minds of creative people.  Therefore, to foster innovation in your organization, you want to:

  • Make visible the limits on your designs / products / decisions
  • Make visible the impacts of your decisions on the customer interests you want to satisfy
  • Make visible the trade-offs that must be made between competing customer & business interests

Only with all of that visible to all of your creative people (to your experts in different areas) can you maximize the generation of ideas... and given that visibility, the generated ideas will tend to be well-targeted to improving your products in the near-term... in ways that can make a difference now.

And where your teams are unable to move the limits or eliminate the contradictions altogether, they have the visibility to optimize the trade-offs.  Optimizing within the limits is not as celebrated an innovation as moving the limits, but it is innovation nonetheless... and is key to delivering consistently innovative products and solutions for your customers.  And all of that starts with visibility to the limits and trade-offs, and the causal impacts of your decisions on those.

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