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At most companies, …

• Engineers spend 60-75% of their time doing rework (redoing work due to earlier decisions that were made wrong).

» Imagine if you could eliminate the majority of the rework in your organization... you could triple productivity and innovation.

• Engineers spend much of their time looking for knowledge that they can not  find, interpret, or apply to their situation.

» Imagine if you had validated knowledge in the form of tools that could show you the impact of your decisions on your customer and business interests. 

• Engineers spend much of their time in meetings arguing opinions, rather than discussing engineering facts.

• Engineers are making decisions based on intuition and wishful thinking as they can’t see the ramifications upon the many customer and business interests.

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» Imagine if the potential impact of decisions could be easily identified and made visual for collaboration.

» Imagine if your meetings were focused on knowledge that proved what the best decisions were.

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• Engineers are making difficult trade-off decisions without clear visibility to the multi-dimensional design space they are faced with.

» Imagine if your engineers could see that multi-dimensional trade-off space... allowing them to gain deep understanding.


• Engineers are often solving a problem that has been solved before and recurred because the learning was not captured in a reusable way.

» Imagine a causal analysis methodology where the lessons learned from prior problems can be efficiently reused.


• Engineers spend significant time manipulating or creating documents that few people read,  rather than engineering solutions.

» Imagine if you could make it quick and easy for your engineers to produce highly visual documents to facilitate their work.


• Engineering innovation is inconsistent and unfocused rather than driven by defined performance limits.

» Imagine if innovation could be pulled by clear visual understanding of the current limits of known decisions.

Our Success Assured™ software, and our accompanying methodology, makes that imagining into a reality.  Success Assured™ can completely change the game... let us show you how... contact us now.


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