Brian M. Kennedy, Founder & CTO


Brian worked at Texas Instruments for 8 years as a software developer in TI's semiconductor division and then later in TI's research labs.

Brian's next 12 years were spent at i2 Technologies where he became the Chief Architect of their Supply Chain Planner and Demand Fulfillment applications, where he applied Toyota lean manufacturing, Theory of Constraints, and advanced optimization to the planning and scheduling of the larger supply chain, helping to establish a new market space (Supply Chain Management). Brian became the first i2 Fellow and holds a dozen patents on the inventions that were the basis for those software systems.

As i2 established itself as the leading software supplier of supply chain planning solutions, Brian began to look at many other opportunities to deliver huge value to manufacturing organizations. Huge value opportunities clearly lay in the design and development side of those companies. Not only were huge amounts of money made or lost there, but also that was where much competitive differentiation was gained or lost.

However, when the market bubble burst, i2 pulled back and focused its energy on its core competencies: delivering value to the manufacturing side of the house.

Although Mike and Brian had engaged in many dynamic debates on the problems in product development over the years, it wasn't until they locked themselves in a very small room (actually, a car) for several days in a row, that they finally invented solutions to the problems that they had been struggling with for years. By the end of that long road trip, they had developed an approach to the customer problems that was surprisingly straight-forward... not simple by any stretch... but clear enough that success was not in question.  Formation of TCC was the next step.

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