Training and Coaching

Success Assured™ software includes extensive training materials, delivered as built-in K-Briefs, such that you are using the knowledge system as you are learning about it. It covers all of the content taught in both our Set-Based Thinking™ Workshops and our Set-Based Convergence™ Workshops. So, many have learned to use our software and the associated methodologies from the software itself.

However, not everybody learns best from written material. And in the case of a collaborative system, you really want each team to come up to speed together. And it is hard to really learn these methodologies without doing them… as a collaborating team.

Hence, we have designed our Set-Based Thinking™ and Set-Based Convergence™ series of workshops to teach the methodology and tools to a team by applying them to the team's real problems… the team's real products... in the workshop.  A side benefit of that approach is that many have claimed the workshops have paid for themselves before they were done... by helping them solve a problem or complete a design that they've been wrestling with for a long time.

Furthermore, the mentoring role is extremely important.  And mentoring is hard to learn without, well, mentoring.  And it’s hard to mentor on examples… mentoring has to be done on your real-world problems.  So, we have designed our workshops to give the mentors the opportunity to be coached by us as they mentor their teams during the workshops.

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