Increasing Bottom-line Profitability

In the end, the ultimate measure of the benefits of Success Assured™ is a substantial positive impact to your bottom-line.  And we can point to major customers who have shown substantial increases in profitability and shareholder prices from before they started working with us until now.  However, we're not about to take credit for that given the many factors influencing those bottom-line numbers (not the least of which is the economy).

It is a little safer to use those numbers as measured over the longer term (the other effects tend to average out).  The only long-term example is fortunately fairly well documented:  Toyota.  When the studies of the Toyota Product Development System were conducted by Dr. Allen Ward and his colleagues, Toyota had been evolving that system and their set-based knowledge for decades.  And their profitability and market share had been steadily growing in relation to their competitors, to the point where their profits exceeded the profits of the rest of the top 5 most profitable automakers combined.

How much of that long-term performance was due to that knowledge-based system?  Consider this quote:

"The real difference between Toyota and other vehicle manufacturers is not the Toyota Production System, it is the Toyota Product Development System." -- Kosaku Yamada, Chief Engineer of Toyota's Lexus line

However, the true source of Toyota's bottom-line results can certainly be debated... as can their applicability to your own bottom-line.  So, we recommend you instead turn to the Product Development results that can be more directly tied to their product development system and ask what impact those would have on your own bottom-line.  Consider these numbers:

If your product development performance were to improve from the typical performance levels seen outside Toyota to the levels Toyota achieved, what impact would that have on your bottom-line?

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