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We see a lot of companies investing in comprehensive Lean transformations, with complex change management efforts, and after 2-3 years they still have very little measurable improvement to show for it... the big benefits are still coming.  Improvements should be fast and dramatic... on the order of 2X productivity increase or more!

Lean transformation should start by putting in place a Lean engine for rapid learning and superior decision-making, team-by-team, as everything else can build on that...

Enable each team to:

  1. Make what they know visual... that's the key to eliminating a lot of waste and inefficiency due to fuzzy communication... and fuzzy communication will thwart anything else you try to do 
  2. Make what they do NOT know visual... that's the key to re-focusing the organization on learning and experimenting and learning (yes, we meant to say that twice) 
  3. Make clear when decisions need to be made... that's the key to pulling the learning with the right priority and right urgency 
  4. Refuse to make decisions until they have the knowledge to prove its the right decision, or the decision MUST be made... if your managers just do that, you'll be in pretty good shape; if they don't do that, nothing else they do will matter much as far as achieving Lean
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That has immediate huge impact on the team's productivity... which BOTH frees up time for further continuous improvement AND provides the proper foundation for devising those continuous improvements.

To make that easy, our Success Assured™ software includes tools to:

  • Make it far easier to create visual models of what you know
  • Make it easy to modify the visuals on-the-fly, during discussions, so that everybody gets on the same page
  • Organize the visuals into concise stories of the problem-solving, design, or improvement processes
  • Collaboratively dig to the root causes, making the causal relationships visual from multiple perspectives
  • Make visual the knowledge gaps that need to be filled before decisions should be made
  • Make clear the required timing of key decisions and focus the learning efforts to those dates
  • Assemble the knowledge in such a way that the correct decisions become clear... consensus decision-making
  • Allow reuse of that knowledge for ongoing decision-making as the situations change or more learning unfolds (which is inevitable given modern complexity)
  • Create reusable knowledge with no extra effort ... the tools do the extra work as pulled by the reader (reuser)

If you would like to learn more about how our Success Assured™ software can accelerate your organization's Lean practices, contact us now.  Or check out this page to learn why traditional Knowledge Management tools are not Lean.

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